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Attack Mode: How to be Great

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Greatness is achieved through relentless passion, continuous learning, and a commitment to making a positive impact.

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Productivity Enhancement Course

Nuclear Mode: How to Nuke Your Goals

  • Become Hyperproductive

  • 10x your daily productivity

  • End procrastination

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Integrating Life Sciences: Uniting the Wisdom of Biology and the Essence of Existence.

Coming Soon

  • Understand the synergy of life sciences

  • Discover the interconnectedness of life

  • Unlock the secrets of holistic living

  • Enhance your well-being

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Shwetabh Gangwar

Author, Motivational Speaker

Shwetabh Gangwar is a multifaceted personality, revered for his profound insights and dynamic approach to life. As a bestselling author, he has left an indelible mark with his book, "The Rudest Book Ever," which fearlessly delves into the complexities of human existence. Shwetabh's innate talent as a problem solver and motivational speaker has empowered countless individuals to navigate life's challenges with unwavering determination.

Moreover, his expertise as a lecturer in philosophy and psychology has illuminated the minds of many, fostering a deeper understanding of the human experience. Shwetabh Gangwar's practical life advice is a guiding light for those seeking authentic and transformative wisdom, making him a respected figure in the realms of personal growth and holistic living.

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Here’s what our Current Students  have to say...

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I loved the attack mode it is very easy to understand me what to do or not. Nobody till now have explain me and given me like this things. Thank you so much bhaiya.

Binita kumari yadav

This course is beyond amazing. Thank you Shwetabh for sharing this mind blowing powerful power system. It's life changing.

Gurpreet Kaur

As usual, Shwetabh bro at its best I was bit nervous before buying it nowadays courses are the new scam but trust me this course is totally worth it.

Abhinav Pandey

This course is phenomenal, has the potential of changing mindset of anyone who watches and implements the course, found it well planned and properly structured.

Vedant Shinde

Finally some original and valuable course. Thanks for putting your time in it Shwetabh.
I'm glad the partner recommended me your channel.

Shreya Sukhla

This Course actually addresses the Core Problem, which is a Human Mind and Emotions which fluctuates all the time. due to which many things are screwed Up, I 'll give a Huge thanx to Shwetabh Bhaiya for designing this Kind of System Course which operates efficiently without dependency on Motivation or intensity, which is the most beautiful thing of this Course.

 Sumit Gupta

I'm a way more better self of mine as I was before acquiring this system (course). The price at which this has been offered by Shwetabh bhai is very less as compared to what it offers. This system is customisable and will keep on upgrading itself as time goes. The non-stagnant property of this system (course) makes it priceless. Thankyou Shwetabh bhai so much.

Aijaz Rizvi

Best Cognitive Personality development course. Thank you so much Shwetabh Sir!!. I’ll apply each and every concept taught by you in my life and keep on improving myself!!

Aadinath Vishwas

This course bought me back to work, when I was so low on life and i am just grateful, this has changed and saved my life in a certain way Whenever I feel lost I come to this course n re-watch and I get my answer somewhere in some section Thank you Shewtabh bhaiya for this One day I'll certainly meet you, that's my dream.

Suraj Adak